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Theresa Holladay
Candidate for  Co-op Board of Directors

I am Theresa Holladay, a resident of the Keweenaw since 2014. I am a gynecologist on staff at UP Health Systems Portage. I have been married to Ed Holladay for 20 years. He is a farmer and we produce vine crops, keep bees and grow/transport most of the usual commodities at his family farm in West Michigan. I am a mother of three children—raising them while being a full-time obstetrician and gynecologist. My kids love the Keweenaw and the local schools are great!! I garden, keep bees, help with our vineyard (Happy Holladays, LLC), and love to hike with my dogs.  My patients usually are instructed to shop at our co-op because I feel quality food and nutrition is the most important medicine. I hope to participate in the Co-op by being a board member/owner.

Explain why you would like to serve as a member on the Co-op’s Board of Directors:
I would like to serve as a member on the Co-op's Board of Directors because I feel the Keweenaw Co-op is important to our community. I would like to contribute to this institution. I rely on the Co-op to provide a vital component to community health-delicious nutrition. I have enjoyed learning the history of food co-operatives and our Keweenaw community. I am a farm wife, a physician and a mother with different skill sets that may assist the Co-op. I was raised in a family that believed in supporting my local food Co-op. 

Do you have particular skills you would like to explore and share in your service on the Board of Directors?
Skills I would like to share are my medical knowledge. I am an experienced cook/ baker with a special interest in international cuisine. My farming business experience gives me insights about food safety, local sourcing for nutritional food, and appreciation for all who work in agriculture. I have participated in Medical Executive Boards and development of Quality and Safety programs at Bronson and LifePoint Hospitals and feel this is part of my responsibility as a member of the medical community.