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Richard L. Gee

Candidate for Co-op Board of Directors

Why would you like to serve as a member of the Co-op’s Board of Directors?
I have been interested in serving on the Board of Directors of the Keweenaw Co-op since I became a member. The Co-op’s foundation in an ethical food system is consistent with my professional work in social justice. Shared governance, environmentally conscious, and fair-trade products are important aspects for me as a consumer and global community member. I strongly feel I can serve the members of the Co-op as a board member through contributing to policy development data gathering and analysis. I appreciate the opportunity to work on a team-oriented board to serve the members of the Co-op.
Do you have particular skills you would like to explore and share in your service on the Board of Directors?
I am good in statistics and understand organizational structure. I also am well trained in policy analysis.
Do you have any questions about serving as a Board member?