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Lisa Reitz

Candidate for Co-op Board of Directors
Many people I know are hungry for responsibly raised food along with seeking more simplicity in their life. This exact desire was so strong in me that 2 years ago my family and I decided to make a big life change. I quit my 15-year career and moved with my family to the Keweenaw Peninsula to live off the land and build a homestead. My professional history includes a successful career as a Media Director where I worked closely with both non-profits and Wisconsin’s leading grocer. In that time I gained 6 years of non-profit board experience and served on various non-profit committees. What draws me to the Keweenaw Co-Op Board of Directors are my personal values and the opportunity to serve an amazing community of people. My professional experience is a perk I can bring to the team.

Explain why you would like to serve as a member on the Co-op’s Board of Directors: 
I would like to serve as a member on the Co-op BOD to be able to bring my personal talents and professional skills to a community and mission I believe in. A year and a half ago I intentionally left behind my successful professional life to pursue my dream of homesteading with my family, living a more simple life powered by our mission of personal and ethical sustainability. I made the shift from Director of Media at a successful advertising agency to living off the land, working hard to build a homestead from scratch. One of the first things we did upon moving to the Keweenaw was to get a Co-op membership! It was representative of finally belonging to the Keweenaw way-of-life. We also wanted to support the Co-op for what it is to the community - what it provides to individuals and families who believe in and depend on responsible food systems. While we grow much of our own food and craft most of our personal care needs, we do our bulk purchases through the Co-op . The community we lived in prior to our move did not have a Co-op. We were unable to grow large quantities of our own food at the time so we were reliant on big-box stores to meet our food and personal care needs. Finding products that met our expectations in terms of ingredients and ethics was challenging. Upon visits to the Keweenaw, we often stopped at the Co-op to buy items unavailable to us.

Do you have particular skills you would like to explore and share in your service on the Board of Directors?
Professionally: I have 5-years experience serving on the Board of Directors for Brown County United Way. Beyond and during that time I also volunteered with and then chaired the Marketing and Communications Committee. While I have put a 12-year successful career behind me, I retain and would like to continue to practice or share the knowledge I gained during that time on a volunteer basis. I worked at Prophit Marketing in Green Bay, WI starting as Media Buyer and working my way to Director of Media. I served on the leadership team and am familiar with the challenges of small business. I worked with minor and major media outlets throughout several media markets across the nation. I managed everything from limited non-profit budgets to multi-million dollar budgets and met client expectations while retaining relationships with vendors based on respect and ethical negotiations. The major client I worked with for all 12-years is the leading grocer in the state of Wisconsin. I have over 9 years of experience facilitating communication and marketing related courses to an adult returning students in the online university setting. I currently facilitate Project Management, Culture & Diversity in the Workplace, and Social Media & Digital Marketing for Wisconsin Lutheran College. Personally: I did a 180-degree turn in life to truly engage in and live daily my philosophies of natural, ethical and sustainable living, philosophies that match those of the Keweenaw Co-op. While I'm just a year and a half fresh into the Keweenaw community, I have a pulse on sustainable food production efforts taking place on a small scale here in the Keweenaw and Upper Peninsula area. I get excited about creative problem solving to continue to bring healthy food and healthy life choices to the community I love living in.