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Joseph Freed

Candidate for Co-op Board of Directors • 2017 Board-Appointed Seat 
Why would you like to serve as a member of the Co-op’s Board of Directors?
The Keweenaw Co-op is a vital part of our community. It serves as a place to find organic and/or natural, non-GMO, and specialty foods not found in other stores in the area. When my partner (now husband) and I first moved here in 2002, I felt a little culture shock from a "foodie” perspective. Then I found the Co-op and its stock of specialty foods (specifically prosciutto, aged cheeses, and a variety of olives). I knew then that I needed to become a member and support the Co-op. While my interest in food is what originally brought me to the Co-op, the Co-op is much more to this community than food. I have learned the values of the Co-op and find they are directly aligned with my values. These values ... self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity ... are not just what make the co-op succeed, but also what makes our community succeed.As the Co-op continues to grow, I would like to add whatever talents I may have to help promote our values and achieve even greater success and growth.
Do you have particular skills you would like to explore and share in your service on the Board of Directors?
My father was a small-town retailer, and I grew up working in his store. Early in my life at the store, my father helped me learn the importance of customer service. I went on to college and received a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. I spent 20 years in nonprofit management, fund-raising, and sales. When we moved to the Keweenaw, I wanted to do something where I could serve my community. I went back to school to become a registered nurse and have been working with developmentally disabled adults for the past thirteen years. I believe I have a combination of business skills paired with people skills that will contribute to the satisfaction of the Co-op members and to the continued success of the Co-op.
Do you have any questions about serving as a Board member?
In the past year, I have had the good fortunate to serve on the Co-op Board – filling a vacant position. This has given me the opportunity to learn about the policies and procedures that guide our Board functions. With this foundation, I will be able to start this next term with a good understanding of the responsibilities that come with election to the Co-op Board of Directors.