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Cathy Campbell-Olszewski 

Candidate for Co-op Board of Directors

I have been a member of the Keweenaw Food Coop since we moved here in 1981. I graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Masters in Guidance and Counseling and was a working member of the Marquette Food Cooperative. I have worked in a variety of jobs from Head Start Family Service Coordinator, Social Worker for UPCAP, Elementary Counselor for Calumet Elementary Schools and most recently Social Worker for Copper Country Mental Health and The Institute. I love being outdoors and working on our cabin at Eagle River. Love to travel visiting family and friends.  

Why would you like to serve as a member of the Co-op’s Board of Directors? 
Cooperatives have been a part of my life for a very long time. I first got involved with Food Cooperatives when I attended Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan, (which was next door to Ann Arbor where I worked as a volunteer at their Co-op). For many years I also helped run the Marquette Co-op with Donnie McCowan and others when it first started out of a garage on Third Street, Marquette. When I moved to Birmingham, Alabama, I worked as a volunteer at their co-op, Bread Free and then when we moved up here, I worked at the Co-op and was on the board for a while. They have been a part of my commitment and fit my philosophy of food and work.

Do you have particular skills you would like to explore and share in your service on the Board of Directors?
 I have been an elementary counselor for Calumet Schools and the Copper County Mental Health as a school social worker. I enjoy working with people and have skills to communicate ideas and love working on long term goals and seeing the concepts come to realization. There is nothing more gratifying than to work with a group of like-minded people to improve upon our community and bring people together to grow and share.