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• Democratically controlled by our owners since 1973 •


Board of Directors

The Co-op is governed by a nine-person Board of Directors who are elected by and from the Owners. The Board’s role is to represent the Owners, to create and implement a vision for the Co-op and policies that guide movement toward that vision.

Directors are elected for three-year terms each April. Potential Director candidates are encouraged to show their interest at any time throughout the year by attending a meeting and/or contacting any of the current Board Members. Board directorship is an excellent way to participate in a dynamic and effective process that is helping to support a successful cooperative venture.

Board Members receive a quarterly stipend as compensation for time spent serving on the Board. Members contribute an average of ten to twelve hours per month, including attendance at a monthly Board Meeting. View our current board members>

When you're ready, click on "VOTE” to log in and vote for up to four (4) candidates. You can read about each candidate by clicking on their name.