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bab logoBring-a-Bag Campaign

The Bring-a-Bag Campaign, launched on Earth Day 2011, is one way The Co-op gives back to the community and promotes the conservation of natural resources. Every time a shopper brings their own reusable shopping bag or basket instead of using a new paper bag provided by the Co-op, the campaign fund is credited for each bag saved. The savings in the campaign fund are donated every six months to a local organization or project selected by the Co-op Owners. The campaign cycle runs from now runs from January to June and July to December. Two recipients are selected every year in April.

When you're ready, click on "VOTE” to log in and vote for up to two (2) candidates. You can read about each candidate below.  

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Joe Freed Empowerment Fund

The mission of the Joe Freed Empowerment Fund is to empower persons with disabilities by supporting community action that encourages freedom, independence and integration. The Fund is in honor of the late Joseph D. Freed, RN, who was a nurse for Copper Country Mental Health, specializing in caring for individuals with disabilities. Helping hands, loving heart and giving spirit were Joe’s core values. Until his unexpected death after a brief illness in 2018, he enjoyed celebrating everyone and encouraging them to live life to the fullest. He believed individuals who feel good about themselves thrive. He believed empowered people can access freedom to live life to the fullest. The Fund shares Joe’s legacy of empowering others.


Keweenaw Young Professionals

The Keweenaw Young Professionals strive to provide local professionals opportunities to develop their personal and professional selves through networking, volunteering and educational events, all while promoting the Keweenaw as a vibrant place to live, work and play through community engagement.


Ryan Street Community Garden (RSCG)

The Ryan Street Community Garden provides Hancock residents the opportunity to grow healthy, affordable fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs for their households. It also serves as a place social interaction and creates a beautiful, educational landmark in the community demonstrating ecologically-sound and climate appropriate practices. We encourage people to take responsibility for the care of the environment, community and personal health. We work together as equals with openness, honesty and compassion. We use Permaculture Design principles to guide the development and management of the garden.