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bab logoBring-a-Bag Campaign

The Bring-a-Bag Campaign, launched on Earth Day 2011, is the Co-op’s way to give back to the community and promote the conservation of natural resources. Every time a shopper brings their own reusable shopping bag or basket instead of using a new paper bag provided by the Co-op, the campaign fund is credited for each bag saved. The savings in the campaign fund are donated every six months to a local organization or project selected by the Co-op Owners. The campaign cycle runs from now runs from January to June and July to December. Two recipients are selected every year in April.

When you're ready, click on "VOTE” to login and vote for up to two (2) candidates. You can read about each candidate below.  

lssi logoGreen Film Series

The goal of the Green Film Series is to enhance the ability and motivation of local residents to understand and act on the environmental issues facing the economic, social and natural environment in the Keweenaw, the Upper Peninsula, the Lake Superior region, the Great Lakes watershed, and globally. Website >

Michigan Tech Preschool

The mission of Michigan Tech Preschool is to provide a nurturing preschool environment to children of our community in which they can learn, play and grow. The purpose of the Michigan Tech Preschool is to foster self esteem and to promote the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of preschool children through age appropriate activities. It is a nonprofit, cooperative preschool. Website >

Pine Mountain Music Festival

The Pine Mountain Music Festival (PMMF) is committed to bringing music to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. PMMF is a nonprofit organization which produces and tours professional quality opera, jazz, folk, symphony, and an ever-changing variety of other concerts each June and July, throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We pride ourselves on providing not only quality entertainment, but also an educational experience for our audiences, our young opera singers, our aspiring musicians who play along-side professionals, and community youth who benefit from free concerts and educational programs. Website >