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Online Voting Ends April 18th at Midnight

Keweenaw Co-op Annual Election

Cast your ballot online from April 6th –April 18th 

Welcome to Keweenaw Co-op's online voting site! Online voting is the one way Keweenaw Co-op Owners can cast an absentee vote in this year's election. Democratic control by owners is the backbone of the cooperative principles which guide and govern our co-op. Our first choice, of course, is for Owners to attend the Annual Meeting (April 19th) and vote in person. However, we recognize that not everyone can be there. Now, each Owner has the opportunity to cast their vote within a two week timeframe between April 6th and April 18th at Midnight. 

On the ballot: Board Election

This year there are four (4) candidates running for four seats on our nine-member Board. One running for a two year term and three running for a three year term. As a member-owned cooperative our Board of Directors are our elected representatives. Our Board acts on behalf of the Owners to ensure the Co-op produces benefit and value. Browse the Board Candidate profiles to learn more.

On the ballot: Bring-a-Bag Election

This year there are three (3) candidates running for two (2) recipient slots for our 2017–2018 Bring-a-Bag Campaign cycle. The Bring-a-Bag Campaign is the Co-op’s way to give back to the community and promote the conservation of natural resources. Every time a shopper brings their own reusable shopping bag or basket instead of using a new paper bag provided by the Co-op, the campaign fund is credited for each bag saved. The savings in the campaign fund are donated every six months to a local organization or project selected by the Co-op Owners. Two recipients are selected every year. Browse the Bring-a-Bag Candidate profiles to learn more.
Who is eligible for Online Voting?
Owners who are current with their membership payments (as specified in the Bylaws and Articles).

How to Vote Online:

  • Online voting will require your owner number and zip code (of your mailing address in our files).

  • Start by browsing the Board Candidate and the Bring-a-Bag Candidate profiles.

  • When you're ready, click on "VOTE” to log in and cast your ballot.


If you think you are eligible to vote but are having problems logging in or have other questions, contact the Co-op’s Owner Services coordinator Julie Pintar at or call and ask for General Manager Curt Webb at 906.482.2030.